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Fireflow - Turns & Transitions
Anatomy, technique and rhythms!

March 21. 2015 - 12.30-17.30 in Malmø.

This is going to be absolutely AWESOME!

Annah of Sweden and Marianne Mogensen

Language spoken will be english / swedish / danish as needed.

MALMÖ - Yoga Shala Studio, Lugna gatan 37
(close to Triangeln St.)

Medium/Experienced and up. You should feel comfortable with
• basic travelling steps
• horizontal & vertical figure eights
• common upper/lower body isolations
• some varieties of accents and shimmies
and have good practice of dancing in relevée (on your toes) as well as on flat foot.

Tribal dancers from about 2 years of experience are also welcome!

No drum experience is needed!
Drums can be borrowed.

During this 4½ hour workshop we will work with

Functional anatomy to heighten your knowledge of the body - to better protect your joints, muscles and tendons during dance in general.
The examples given will be especially relevant in the "Turns-department" ;-)

Selected rhythms to heighten your understanding and feeling of the movements during dance. You will learn a few basic techniques on an oriental darbuka or framedrum - and play the rhythms. No sweat - it's easy and fun! More advanced students will get some choisy challenges.

Fireflow Turns & Transitions
How to use different kinds of turns and transitions in Egyptian style Raks Sharki
• to create flow and dynamic in each of the rhythms, and in changes in rhythm/mood within the same piece
• to develop improvisation skills by being able to bind movements together more easily, and to adjust to different stage layouts.
Based on the anatomical & rhythms understanding we work with how to train flexibility and dynamics in movements in a sustainable way.

You will be able to take with you
- useful drills for continued training of turns and transitions
- some fun combos for each of the featured rhythms.

We will work with both choreographed sections and with improvisation.

During the workshop, we will switch continuously back and forth between the themes.

Registration & payment info

Price: DKK 525,- or SEK 625,-

Sign up: By March 7, 2015 the registration is binding. Cancellation is not possible.
Marianne Mogensen on mail: or Facebook PB

Please state your name, adress and mailadress, cellphone nr - and whether you bring a drum or want to borrow.

When I have confirmed your registration, you must pay the workshop-fee. Registration is not complete untill I or AnnaH receive the payment.

Bank info – Danish participants
Account holder: Marianne Mogensen:
Nordea, 2130, accountnr. 5906774587
Please state your name and "Fireflow-turns-14"

Bank info – Swedish participants
Sparbanken Öresund
Bankgiro 760-5314
Please state your name and “Fireflow-turns-14”